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Happy Friday everyone!! Here in New England we got a nice taste of Spring this week. We got some warm rain, we had a day that was over 50 degrees, sun shining, snow melting, birds chirping, then some more warm rain! I love when their is a glimpse of Spring out there! It immediately started my day off well. We’ve been in our new house for a little over 2 months now, we have a beautiful front farmers porch and a huge back porch that we have yet to be able to enjoy. Thanks to the lovely time change my daughter has been going to bed late, which results  in getting up late all week. One day this week I woke up, noticed she was still sleeping, I knew it was supposed to beautiful out, I brewed a cup of coffee and stepped outside onto my Farmer’s Porch. Now it wasn’t quite 50 out at 8am however it was still warm and I could hear the birds and feel the sun!!!!

Sooooooo keep Spring in mind as I introduce to you today’s Featured Co-Host. Rachael is the baker, photo-taker, cook, momma and blogger behind Rachel Cooks. I met Rachel via Facebook last month, what drew me to her blog were her yummy recipes and awesome, mouth-watering pictures she takes of these recipes! Let me tell you a little about Rachel, she is a proud Christian, Doctor of Physical Therapy,  loving wife and mother to a beautiful daughter. Though she is a Doctor of Physical Therapy she is a SAHM 95% of the time. She is 5’10 but still wears heels (you go girl), could eat popcorn everyday and drinks way too much coffee…..and loves it. Like me she has a love/hate relationship with working out and has a hard time holding a grudge with anyone.

Rachel Cooks2

Let’s take a look at a few of Rachel’s recipes that I have “Pinned” to my “Recipes to Try” list. This is the list I go to when I want to try something different, or  if I’m in the mood for something specific, this is where I start! Speaking of Pinterest, check out Rachel’s Pinterest here.

Apple & Cookie Butter Sandwich – OMG is all I have to say about this. What a fantastic idea this lil creation was! I want to try this and see if my daughter will like it!

Strawberry Watermelon Slushie Spritzer – WOW, this is a great drink for a Momma like me who needs her cocktails virgin these days but I can see replacing the sparkling water with some Pinot Grigio or Chardonay and loving every inch of it!!

Mini Pumpkin Tarts – Delicious + Easy = Try for this Momma!

Zucchini, Red Pepper and Carrot Pancakes – I’ve always wanted to try something like this!! Veggie packed Pancakes! Wonder if I could get MM to try these!

Chicken Lettuce Wraps – I’ve heard of PF Changs, I’ve never been, heart these wraps are to die for so I’m giving these a shot soon!!

Rachel also has a section on her blog called “A Day in the Life of”, I found it neat, I thought it was similar to Featured Friday, she features a new blog every Tuesday and interviews the Blogger. Sounds fun doesn’t it!! I scanned through a few, she’s interviewed some great blogs you have to check out!!

OK sooooooooo onto the recipe I chose to make. I’ve been getting in the St. Patty’s Day spirit for the past week or so because we are having a few friends over and I’m making a few dishes to celebrate. When I came across this recipe of Rachel’s I knew it was the one I MUST try!!





Rachel Cooks3

It was really easy to make, her step by step directions were great. I just followed it to a T and wala, I got this loaf of goodness!! I have to admit baking with the beer was very tempting……I miss beer way more than I thought I would! I’m a wine drinker but this beer wanted to be drank so badly!! I think I was so concentrated on the beer that I messed up. Yup I admit it. I messed up. Instead of using a half a cup of the beer I poured the whole thing in there!! Ahhhhh!!! Oospy! No wonder why the batter seemed so watery!!! See Rachel, I didn’t want to waste any either!! Well I’d say follow Rachel’s recipe but honestly I think the only thing it did to mine was cause the center of the bread to be a little too moist. I love my bread moist. The center of my loaf kind of dipped in (if you can see the frosting pooled together in the center……yup that was my piece! I can’t wait to have some for breakfast tomorrow!! I followed Rachel’s advice and kept it in the fridge!

Rachel Cooks

As you can see from the picture in the middle that Miss Madison was very busy painting while I baked this recipe! This photo was taken at the beginning…..when she was nice and clean. Paint free. When my floor was paint free. 🙂 as I always say, she’s lucky she’s so cute! Anyways, this bread was super moist and super yummy and I’ll definitley make it again, I wish I got to make it for my St. Patrick’s Day get together!!

Rachel Cooks2

So go make sure you check out Rachel’s site, she’s got some great recipes over there! Don’t forget to tell her that this Momma sent you!! Thank you so much for Co-Hosting with me Rachel, I had fun getting to know you and your blog!


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    1. Your very welcome Rachel! It was fun working with you. Having some bread for breakfast now! 🙂

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