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I would like to introduce to you Carly from Happy Little Kiwi. Carly also does a Feature Friday so you have to go visit and check out what hers is about, it’s different than mine, but it made today all that more interesting!! Carly is the Momma, chef, wife, writer, crafter, and blogger behind Happy Little Kiwi. When I asked Carly where she got the name of her blog, I felt the love behind her answer when I read itf. Carly and her family are from New Zealand, New Zealanders are also called Kiwi’s, after the native Kiwi bird. Since her daughter Kyra is always happy, her happy daughter became her inspiration for Happy Little Kiwi. How cute is that??? Love it!!   Her Craft Section is full of DIY projects that your children can help you with. I love that she has a lot of holiday stuff going on over there, I read some of her Halloween crafts, but I’m loving the Thanksgiving ones, my daughter is a little too young for them right now, but it’s these things I keep in mind when I think about the future and different activities I can do with her soon!!  Since a lot of Carly’s blog is designed with children in mind,  a section I can’t wait for you to look at is her Product Page. It’s  full of all different children things, from Favorite Children’s books to Nursery Decor.  Even reviews on products too!

Happy Little Kiwi

Besides writing for Happy Little Kiwi, Carly enjoys spending time with her friends and spending time with her daughter. On weekends she likes to up and leave for a trip to the beach or the local park. Her family is also working on renovating a new house that they plan to move into before Christmas, she is looking forward to spending the weekends getting comfortable with her family in her new home! Sounds heavenly that’s for sure, I can only hope for the same for us in a new home after the holidays! Good Luck with everything Carly and thank you thank you for Co-Hosting with me and making Momma’s Meals your Feature for Friday!! 🙂


Of course I chose something of Carly’s to make to share with you guys! When I saw her version of “Dirt Cups” I knew that had my daughter (and my husband believe it or not) written all over her! She even helped me make them!!

What you will need to make your own dirt cups:

Cool Whip
Chocolate Pudding
Skim Milk
Plastic Cups
Gummy Worms

You can make as many as you want, we made four but had pudding and cool whip left over. The recipe calls for mixing some of the crushed Oreo’s with the Cool Whip, but I skipped this step because I’m not a big fan of oreo’s and I was trying to minimize them for my daughter, however she still ended up getting plenty of her share! I layered mine with some crushed oreo’s, cool whip, some more crushed oreo’s, pudding then topping it with more crushed oreo’s ( I discovered that you needed a layer of oreo’s between each liquid! Oh well more oreo’s, then top it with as many worms as you like! Madison loved loved loved the worms……..and the chocolate!

Dirt Cups

This was hilarious to watch her eat I have to admit. I hate giving Madison sugar, I never thought I’d be that “Mom” seeing as I always loved sugar as a kid, but I am…….I’m strict LOL…..but this, this was so worth it!

Dirt Cups (10)

Thank you again Carly! Now make sure you go and check out Happy Little Kiwi and tell Carly that this Momma sent you!

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