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Another Friday upon us everyone! April, our Co-Host for today is one Momma that will have you wetting your pants by the time your done reading her articles! She is the blogger and Momma behind First Time Mom & Dad…..Two Confused Parents, One Amused Baby. April writes about her trials and tribulations of parenting, being a first time mom, and well marriage, how can we forget that lovely piece of the puzzle! April and her husband remind me of me and husband, they just go about their day, learning from each other, loving each other, and screaming at each other 🙂 I think the story of how they met is amazing. She is American and he is Australian, so check out their story, it’s pretty amazing. April told me that her husband is the cook in their family (lucky gal!) I wanted to try her husband’s recipe for a desert he makes for the holidays but unfortunately with Hurricane Sandy pushing her way through (typical woman). I didn’t have the time for all of my commitments and a chance to get to the store, and the time to make them. I’m going to though! Check here for the recipe for Lamingtons. So April describes herself to be a thirty-something Southern Belle with a filthy mouth and a hollow leg filled with bourbon. (love her already!) When she is not chasing her ridiculously smart over achiever baby around the house, you will find her blogging her brains out, or writing the occasional article to keep the lights on. She started blogging during her 4th month of pregnancy. One day she was in a pregnancy forum and causally mentioned that her pregnancy was not all rainbows and unicorns, in fact it sucked!  She then got jumped on. Those mean mommies made actually made her cry! Can you believe that!!  So, she vowed to never return to the forums again which in return made her start her own!  April then started tiredofbeingpregnant.com to say what ever she darned well pleased!  She gained so many followers that when it came time to deliver her baby, her faithful readers begged begged to keep going.  Then First Time Mom & Dad was born and she never looked back, or visited a pregnancy forum since! 🙂

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Let me highlight some of April’s posts that I really enjoyed reading. Please go and visit April and let her know which ones you like, but here are my favorites!

Being a First Time Mom is NOT easy! How true is this? Before you even read it? Just another reminder that our job is the hardest job out there. Another gentle reminder that it happens to all of us moms for the first time. I started writing my blog because it helped me to vent, now that I’m meeting other great Mommy bloggers I’ve come to realize that we all go through the same stages and that alone makes me feel better.

Making the Most of the Moment. Pitty Party No More!! This is the second blog (third if you count mine) that writes at one point about “enjoying the moment”. It must be something that every mother goes through at one point or another. We could all use the reminder that stopping to enjoy the moment is a MUST.

New Mommy/Baby Tips, Blended Family, Not enough Love? I liked this point because there are a lot of blended families out there and I don’t think it’s talked about enough. I was so flabbergasted when I found out that my husbands father really wasn’t “his father” meaning biological, he raised him from one years old but still, that’s a blended family to me, (mind you I don’t think I found out until months after I started dating him!!!) The point I’m trying to make it is that it’s not talked about nearly as much as it should be. Thank you April for this post.

The Importance of Cohesive Parenting. I love this article because I’m a strong believer of Co-Parenting. Again a sensitive subject for some because it doesn’t work in every marriage. One piece of advice I got from a friend while I was pregnant was something that I reminded myself everyday, she said Tammi “Don’t complain about the way he does anything, because you’ll be stuck changing all diapers, doing all feedings, doing everything!” I caught myself quite a few times at the beginning and from there on out it was fairly easy. It was easy because I simply couldn’t do everything myself. I didn’t even try. The challenging part for us was learning to discipline together. I can’t wait to get April’s opinion on this one when her babe gets to that age. It’s tough. I’m always the bad guy. After many many fights and arguments we are on the same page again. (stay tuned for a post one that one). I love April’s humor with this post. It’s a refresher!

Co-Parenting-Marital Bliss after baby NOT SO MUCH, In time-ABSOLUTELY OK this post literally had me in stitches. Probably because I feel the same way, we change, our whole body changes, then you push this child out, out of a place a child just should not be coming out of and your whole life changes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying your husband’s life doesn’t change either, it does, but it’s different. I love how April describes this as a learning experience, because it’s true.

Postpartum Depression Update #2 A Solution – This one hit close to home for me because of my own Postpartum problems. It’s a hard thing to battle when you don’t know when it’s postpartum or just the fears of becoming a new mom, the overwhelming feeling of the newness, the unknown. My hospital didn’t have a good outreach program, lucky for me, my mommy group had the connections. Make sure you have the connections. Help is always there.

Baby-Led Wheening – The simplton Addition – I liked this post from April because well, if you’ve been following me you know that eating food is an issue for MM. Now I’m a huge fan of Baby-Led Wheening because I think if I had put more thought into this idea MM would be eating a heck of a lot more food by now! OK I have to admit there were two reasons as to why I didn’t want to take part in Baby-Led Wheening. One was the mess, we all know what kind of mess ends in a 6 month old eating food. The other reason was the choking hazard. Deathly afraid of the choking hazard. These are both things I will get over the next time around!! I promise!

Thank you again for Co-Hosting with me April. Now everyone else………..go check her out and make sure you tell her that this Momma sent you!! 🙂 Happy Friday everyone!


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