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Happy Friday!! Happy snowy Friday here in New England! It’s coooooold! We have at least a foot and a half of snow on the ground, I’m breaking in my new house with baking, cooking and decorating, I’m watching my toddler play outside in the snow with her Daddy, the fireplace is lit and I’m wrapping presents……..can we say what an awesome night that is! Those are at least 2-3 nights out of my week for the month of December. I’ve been a crazy busy Momma over the past few weeks so today’s feature will be the last one until the New Year! This Momma needs a break! Don’t worry I’ll be back to feature a new blog Jan 10, 2014 (wow that’s odd to type, 2014)

However let’s talk about today’s Co-host, or should I say Co-Hosts??!! Am I leaving you intrigued?? Well you should be because Kathleen and Samantha are joining me from a blog called Fearlessly Creative Mammas!!!! These lovely ladies live and blog from Idaho and are a mother and daughter team. How cool is that??!!! I’d love to team up with someone one day, twice the talent that goes into a blog is just so awesome!! Not only that but Kathleen decided to make one of my dishes for her site today! How sweet was that?? Go check out what dish she made of mine!!

Fearlessly Creative Mammas

Samantha has three beautiful babies and enjoys cooking, sewing, watching TV and making Pinterest projects. She also runs  a home based business selling Origami Owl. She loves to travel and hopes to do more of it later on down the road, she traveled all of her life seeing several different countries and most of the United States because of her Dad’s job.

Kathleen lives with her husband Nick and like Samantha (and myself) doesn’t really like the cold so she tries to escape some place warm when she can. Her first blog was started to document her and her husbands travels. You can check it out here Pebble Pirouette.  She still travels a lot for her husbands job and gets to accompany him a lot of the time. (how lucky!) Also, like Samantha she gets restless when they live in one place for too long. Me, I’d like to stay here forever because I hate moving but I also hate the cold of New England too! Kathleen used to work outside of the home but she quit her job to move to China for a year. (WOW!!!) She enjoys cooking, crafting, photography and enjoying her three adorable grandchildren.

So let’s talk about what these lovely ladies blog about! Crafts and food, can’t get much better than that, also Kathleen was the first Featured Friday hostess (with the mostess) to reach out to me first! Yup she found me through someone else I had featured and she contacted me, how nice is that……for once I didn’t have to beg someone teeheee….Thanks Kathleen! Anywho……these gals have some great DIY crafts that are perfect for gift giving, entertaining, or simply to decorate your own home! Let’s talk about a few I found pretty amazing. I’m not sure if Samantha or Kathleen made this one but their homemade Ruffle Tree Skirt is awesome! So cute, I just wish I could pull something together like this, not so sure I could. Check it out! Samantha made these really cute Burp Cloths, I know I can never get enough burp cloths (specially since my lil man is teething!) I love how personal it is and how cute they came out, now to teach this Momma how to sew…….hmmm. I also love the Tutu cute crib skirt! How awesome would this had been when my Maddie was a babe (she’s not a babe anymore, it makes me sad) One more craft then we will move onto FOOD! Kathleen was part of this Handmade Gift Exchange (which is really cool by the way!) and made these cute personalized letters that you could easily make as a gift for someone. Make one for their last name or I like the idea of making one for a child and let it stand on a shelf in their room. Love it! I think I could handle this one…….I think.

Now lets talk food!! These ladies have some great dishes to speak of. They have quite a few Gluten Free items you may want to check out, a few that stood out to me was Kathleen’s Italian Vegetable Pasta. Great dish with lots of veggies! Another one that struck my fancy was her Parmesan Cream Cheese Chicken. OM Yumminess! So the dish that I decided to make was Kathleen’s Baked Chicken Egg Rolls. I have a Baked Vegetable Egg Roll recipe I’ve tried but I loved the addition of chicken in this one! I had to substitute the bag of Cole Slaw Mix with a can of Chop Suey Vegetables from La Choy that I had on hand because the market I went to believe it or not didn’t have a bag of Cole Slaw Mix and I surly didn’t have time to be shredding cabbage with two sick kids all week.


This was the perfect substitution I just cut it up a bit and added it to the mix! I kept everything else the same as she called for, I didn’t really measure the seasonings, I just went with it, for Asian Seasoning I kind of made my own because I didn’t have any and couldn’t find any at the market. I cooked the chicken in my crockpot with the Asian Seasoning for a few hours on high the day before.


I even assembled them that evening but never actually baked them until the next day when hubby and I needed lunch. I did spray some pam spray oil on them, I used the butter flavored kind and sprinkled a few sesame seeds on them to give it the full Chinese affect! I kept them moist with a paper towel and and froze the other half of them like Kathleen suggested. Which I’m super excited about having for dinner some night when I don’t feel like cooking!


These were to die for people……..To. Die. For. It had an awesome kick and it was the perfect snack/lunch for us!


Don’t let the assembly part scare you it’s not hard to roll up or keep together, it’s really simple! I made a simple homemade Sweet and Sour sauce while they were baking, super easy and well worth it for dipping.


A snack/lunch we will be making again, but for now I’ll enjoy them again some night when I take them out of the freezer!! Thank you so much for letting me feature the Fearlessly Creative Mamma’s! Connect with them now!



Stop on over and say hi and make sure you let them know that I sent you!

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