Dear Sweet Babies….We Can’t Apologize.

Dear Sweet Babies……

We can’t apologize.

We can’t apologize for those first few weeks that you cried and cried after we brought you home. We were new parents, and we weren’t quick to change a diaper or make a bottle for you.

But we learnt. Fast.

We can’t apologize for the tears we shed when we didn’t know what was wrong with you those first few months. We were getting to know what swaddling you needed, how to comfort you and what made you the happiest.

But we learnt what made you feel the most comfortable. It just took time.

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We can’t apologize for the times you may have felt a little to gassy at times because we didn’t know just how to burp you, or exactly when you needed to be burped.

But we learnt exactly what worked for you.

We can’t apologize for the times when we didn’t rush to your every little cry as soon as we heard you because we were so tired and may not have heard you right away.

But we learnt and now we here you crying even when you aren’t.

We can’t apologize for the baths that ended in tears because the water was too warm or too cold. We were still new at this thing called parenthood.

But we learnt the perfect degree for you.


We can’t apologize for the not so happy faces you may have been greeted with first thing upon waking because we dragged our feet some mornings from pure exhaustion.

But we learnt how to overcome that and put on a smile anyways.

We can’t apologize for the times you may have rolled into something as you were learning to get around because we were trying to get chores done and dinner on the table.

But we learnt how to juggle life.

We can’t apologize for the bumps and bruises you may have gotten when you learnt to walk because we needed to step back and let you figure it out on your own.

And you did. Every bump and bruise was worth it.

We can’t apologize for the all the time outs we gave you because we were teaching you right from wrong.

And you learnt. In time.

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We can’t apologize for the days where we lost our patience because some days we need reminding that your just a little one who is learning their way and you need us to guide you.

But we learnt together.

We can’t apologize for saying no to many many many things because we are only trying our hardest to raise polite, bright, amazing children that will someday become smart, strong, independent adults.

We continue to learn.

We can’t apologize for counting bites of food each night before you can leave the dinner table because we only want you to have the nutrients your little bodies need to grow and be strong!

But you learnt. And you ate.


We won’t apologize someday when you come home with a saddened heart because you didn’t make the swim team or hockey team. We will teach you to deal with disappointment and how to work harder and give it a try next year.


We won’t apologize someday when the person that was your best friend hurts your feelings. We will hug you and guide you to make other friends.

We won’t apologize someday when that person you thought you were head over heals for breaks your heart. We will cry with you and show you that you deserve better.


We won’t apologize someday when you don’t get the job of your dreams. We will praise you, encourage you, and make you realize that their is something better out there for you.

We won’t apologize someday when you loose someone special because God decided Heaven needed another angel. We will grieve with you and make you see that sometimes life isn’t always fair.

We won’t apologize someday when you bring your own little bundle of joy home and you cry to us, wanting to give up from lack of sleep and sheer exhaustion.

Because YOU WILL LEARN. Just like we are.

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