Dear Madison – Pre K

Dear Madison,

Sorry I’m late on this one. We’ve been really enjoying Summer these days. So much is going on, where do I begin. Sorry for the lack of pictures on this one, Mommy got a new laptop and is still in the middle of transferring everything over!

Mommy took on a job. It was by far the hardest decision of my life. I wasn’t feeling complete. I was having a hard time finding my “balance” as a lot of people will say. I’ve been back and forth on this topic for a long long time. Why? Well the guilt Mommy was feeling because I felt if we were financially able to stay home with you kids that I should. However what I learned was it wasn’t making Mommy happy all the time. I realized that I had to be happy with myself so I could show you the good sides of myself again. This in turn would show you what a good Mommy I could really be. So when the opportunity presented itself, when the perfect job for me fell into my lap, I let go of the guilt. I pulled my big girl panties up, I placed Drew in daycare the 3 days you are now in school and I work those three days. I am working on this blog so some day you can treasure it, maybe some day you or Drew will take it over (I can dream). I’m also working for a woman that I admire, and in the working world you really have to respect and admire the people you work for these days to be truly happy at your job. Someday Mommy will tell you all about her.

Dear Madison July

You started Pre-K! No more toddler rooms for you little Missy! All the teachers tell me that your so quiet in school. That you barley talk. Your well behaved but keep to yourself. It’s OK, you want to know why? You have a beautiful little personality. You are spitfire at home. You show your true colors to those you love and trust and it’s OK to be that way. If it’s one thing Mommy has struggled with it’s caring what people think way too much. So far you have NONE of that in your personality and I’m so happy to see that. You transitioned rather well for a kid that hates change! You are opening up a little bit more about your school days so we are finally getting somewhere. You are so happy to have your little brother there with you now too. Picking you both up on Mondays and Wednesdays is my favorite part of the day. I have more patience with you now that I’m getting to do somethings for me. I never thought I’d love working again. I’m starting to really love our Tuesdays and Thursdays together! We have to go do a few more things before the nice weather ends!

Lets talk about that spitfire attitude huh. I’ll have to get a picture of you someday when you cross your arms, tuck your hands under your armpits and say “Huh” or “No I don’t want to!!” It’s quite the show. “Use your words” is starting to become a regular sentence in our day. A few times a day. I know it’s a normal part of growing up. However it’s SO EXTREMELY frustrating. I tend to try and reason with you and then I realize that your barley four and reasoning isn’t going to do the trick. People say that kids learn by example, well then that would be where you get your lack of patience then. Sorry about that, I struggle daily on that one. You are testing like you wouldn’t even believe. Even Daddy has caught on and has gotten more strict. Where you learnt to talk to Mommy and Daddy like you have been I’m stumped because we don’t talk to each other like that in this house. You have watched us struggle on things and then Daddy gives Mommy the evil eye and I stop and apologize and now Daddy and I do a good job discussing things at night when your in bed. Daddy has the utmost respect for any woman in his life. I know your seeing that he takes part in this family and making our home a loving place just as much as Mommy does. He does chores like Mommy does because he wants you to grow up seeing that it’s not a woman’s job to cook and clean all day (I love that about him). So the learning new feelings, using our words and the sudden attitude has been so trying at times, but we are getting there. Together we are figuring it out.

Dear Madison July6

Poop! Let’s talk poop!! I have no problems what so ever telling the world and anyone in your life that you are two months away from turning four and a year into being potty trained (peeing) and you have yet to poop on the potty. I’m not going to talk about it much because I get so heated about it. Like yesterday when I said no to a pull up three times throughout the day, I even got you to sit on the toilet once and then you went and snuck your pull up on when I wasn’t watching. Do you know how frustrating it is knowing you can do it, watching you hold it, watching you try to go on the potty, I give in an give you the pull up because if I don’t you’ll hold it until your in pain, then you squat and go! OK we’ll get off of this subject.

Dear Madison July7

Our snuggle times have been amazing. The once not-so affectionate kid is really starting to become a love dove. The other night after a long day at school I was giving you your bath and you just looked at me and said “Mommy I just want to rock!” We haven’t rocked together since Drew was born and it made my heart melt. You always pick Daddy over Mommy for those kinds of things so I scooped you up, dried you off, put your PJ’s on and we rocked like we used to for 2 whole songs! You are growing up so fast. I can’t even believe it when I look at pictures of you from years ago. You are growing into such a beautiful little girl that I can barley stand it. I know I can be frustrated and strict a lot but please know it’s because I want you to grow into a wonderful, caring, loving person someday sweetheart.


Let’s see what the Fall will bring us! I love you baby.


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