Dear Madison – Part IV

Dear Baby Maddie,

I’m calling you this because I’ve referred to you as Baby Maddie for quite some time, maybe not to you, but talking about you, and since I feel like my time with you alone is limited, I feel the need to be a mushy mommy today. It’s been awhile since I last wrote you. Fall to be exact. Right before you turned two to me more exact.


I have no excuse except for the everyday busyness we endure on a regular basis. Once your birthday came and went we were in full swing to the holidays. Here we are on Thanksgiving……we went to Aunty Jo Jo’s.


Then once that passed Christmas came before we knew it. Not only Christmas but with the sale of Nunny’s house, that meant we were moving ourselves. To our new home. To the home where you will now grow up in.


Before I get ahead of myself let’s go back to Christmas. You were so fun this year! We enjoyed it as much as we possibly could but with moving a week later we had a lot going on. We had to get some packing done but wanted to enjoy the holiday as much as we could. You loved the lights on everyone’s houses, you loved opening gifts, you were such a good girl, I truly enjoyed this holiday more than I could have imagine given the stress we were all under. Here you are decorating our tree with Daddy, I promise you my baby girl this will be the last little tree you have to decorate……….BIG, FAT and REAL from here on out!


You even helped Nunny and TT decorate their last tree at Mommy’s childhood home!


You had such a good time visiting at Memere’s house on Christmas Eve. You got your very first tea set!


Here you are Christmas morning, no clue as to what you are about to see under the Christmas tree!!

Christmas 2012

While we were in the middle of packing and moving we made sure to keep you extra busy! We had play dates, had a winter storm and went to Mommy groups. You finished up at your daycare, bittersweet for us!


Winter 2012

Then came the big weekend we had all been waiting for! You went off to Memere’s for the weekend and Mommy and Daddy Moved into our dream house. We packed, lugged, unpacked, cleaned and made it a home as much as we could in the 48 hours you were gone. Your room was the first room to be done, we wanted you to come home and have your very own space where you would feel comfortable. (And hopefully sleep well!!) which you did for the most part. You sleep habits sure have changed recently, you must be getting Mommy ready to get up in the middle of the night again for when Baby F. comes along! UGH….Here is your new room sweet baby girl. I hope you like it.

Maddie's Room

Now it’s been super challenging since we moved. We are slowly settling in but you are testing our limits like crazy! You aren’t listening like you used to. You have tripled your vocabulary, the sentences are starting. It’s been so fun. I love the things that come out of your mouth, Daddy and I just wish you were listening like you used to. My patience have been pretty low lately with being pregnant and being sick. Mommy’s sorry. It’ll get better…….I bet you can’t wait to find out if your having a little sister or a little brother huh!! It doesn’t matter because your going to be a great big sister baby girl.

Daddy’s been so busy working on the new home but he always makes time for you boo. ALWAYS. Last weekend he took you to the new lake and took you for a ride in your new sled or as you call it “boat”.

Daddy Day2Daddy Day


Your getting so big. Learning so much. We can’t even believe our eyes. We are amazed by you more and more everyday Boo.

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