Dear Madison, Part III

Dear Madison Lauren,

Oh boy here we are again another month later, well more than a month because Mommy has been super busy getting her new website up and running and figuring everything out. Don’t fret, from here on our my letters will come to you on the 27th of each month. I’m sure you’ve figured out why I chose the 27th by now. 🙂

Wow is all I have to say about these past 6 weeks. We closed up the camp. All done for the season. By the time we open up next year your going to be so much bigger! Sooooooooo what have we been up to baby girl??

Well I signed you up for dance lessons and soccer lessons! I figured I’d try anything to keep us busy this winter. Lesson learnt from Mommy. Your just too young for these types of activities. Not that you don’t enjoy them, well OK you didn’t enjoy dance what so ever, but I did get a cute picture of you and I before we gave it up!


Soccer, well this you liked a little better, I think it’s more about running around and playing with “things” we don’t have at home, soccer goals, nets, soccer cones, big bouncy balls, etc etc. You go every week with Jack. You love Jack. We have one more week left, we are going to take a “season” off and try it again after the new year! Again, a super cute picture of you in your “uniform” 🙂

Soccer Girl2

We had quite the experience one day while napping. Mommy waited a bit too long to come get you from your nap and well………you kept yourself busy. Yes with poop my love. You did play with poop. Hope I’m not embarressing you too much!! I know normally I’d freak out, but mommy instincts kicked in and I immedietly laughed. Then went running for a camera. Then threw everything in the wash, your butt in the tub and immediatly called Daddy because I needed someone to laugh with, he didn’t answer so Nana was next. It was nice laughing about that with Nana. You knew I wasn’t going to let this instant go without mentioning it…….to the world!


Oh you took your very first “ROAD TRIP” as TT called it. 8 hours in the car in one day! Mommy was proud at how well you did. Nana, Mommy, TT, and Aunty Jo Jo drove down the Cape to see Mommy’s Cousin Erin. You did so well. Here is a picture of your outside of the restaurant we ate at on the water. You could barley keep your eyes open!


We celebrated Mommy’s birthday! Yup……lots of birthdays during this season. You and Daddy made it very special as usual. I think you are really starting to love birthdays!

Happy Birthday Mommy

Then we celebrated Daddy’s birthday next. You loved writing out your card to him. You helped him open his gifts too!

Daddy's Birthday2

Daddy’s sometimes works Saturday’s so we can have some extra money for those extra special things we get to do together. So this particular Sunday we went for a walk and you really really discovered Fall for the first time. I saw the amazement in your eyes as you walked through the leaves and listened to them crunch under your feet. I love these kinds of days with you boo.

Fall Day

Speaking of extra special things, well one day Daddy took you to Charmingfare Farm for Octoberfest! Mommy wasn’t feeling well so I stayed home and you and daddy had a special day together just you and him! You both really love these days together.


We also had our pictures done this month. You weren’t very cooperative. But we got a few good shots and I can’t wait to get copies of them so we can hang them in our new home…….someday. We are still working on the home hunny I promise. We really want to go in with Nana and TT and Nana’s house just isn’t selling, but it will, what’s meant to be will be no matter what!

Photo Shoot

We made a trip to Grammy Memere’s to celebrate Mommy and Grammy’s birthday, here you are with your new favorite sweatshirt. All bundled up, too cute. Honestly thought sweetie, the obsession with the sweaters, has got to go!! You come to me or Daddy at least 8 times a day with a new T-Shirt or Sweatshirt you’ve pulled out of your draw to change in to. It was cute at first, it still is, but come 6pm it grows real old, you go through all of your draws, the dirty laundry, by the end of the day I don’t know what’s clean or what’s dirty! Simple fix for that, Mommy took all of your cloths out of your draws and we now work out of a laundry basket! Yup wrinkled cloths for you until this fixation is over kiddo!


Oh and you and Sara-Lee at Grammy-Memere’s. Had to include this pic because Sara-Lee never stops long enough for a pic but we got one!!


What else are you up to??? Hmmmm your eating habits still are stinky my love. You hate trying new things! You won’t even try hunny, you won’t even open your mouth and try a bite of meat besides deli ham & baloney and kielbasa! Mommy is getting strict with you…..I hate doing it but you are eating what I make for dinner end of story. It’s my own fault, I started you on things that were easy for me, packaged, processed stuff because I didn’t know what you could eat as a baby with new teeth. I didn’t do anything wrong hunny, it’s how we learn. I’m hoping by the time your five you’ll be eating more than mommy eats, like fish maybe!! OK now maybe I’m getting a head of myself, here is a picture of the pancakes I made for you, you had one, not bad, but I froze a bunch so no more processed stuff for you my dear!


Another thing you picked up recently is books!! You finally love books!! I thought you would never be interested! I love watching you wake up in the morning and you roll over and grab your favorite book, it’s a Sesame Street baby book, so all of the characters in it are babies and they are blowing bubbles! Another favorite! You pretend to read them out loud, every time I hear you my heart melts a little more! Oh you also picked up mommy’s cooking magazines! Yah! You go girl! Get you started early!

Starting Early

Last weekend we went for our very first hike. Poor Daddy, his expectations were so high! With me and you baby girl! We made it 400 feet up about. Not bad since you had more fun playing with the leaves and Daddy carried you most of the way. It didn’t matter though, it was a beautiful day, a random Sunday where we said hey let’s go for a hike………a beautiful ride up there. Just the perfect kind of family day if you ask me.

Mommy & Me

What else? Anything else? Well A LOT…………But it will have to wait until next time hunny!! Here is a picture of our morning snuggles together while we watch Curious George and have our milk…….well Mommy has coffee. I love every day with you sweetie, every second, every moment with you.

I love you.




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