Dear Madison & Drew – The Winter that will never end

Special Milestones and Moments:

Drew: First words- Momma, Dada, Maddie, TT, Nunney, Ball, Cookie, more, thank you.
Madison: Writing Letters, recognizing letters and numbers, opposites.


Dear Madison & Drew,

The Winter that will never end. I’m so sorry Mommy has been so behind on writing to you sweet babies. Life has been a whirlwind. However it’s time. The last time I wrote to you Boo we had just celebrated your 4th birthday. I can’t believe in just four short months how much your personality has shown. Your imagination is through the roof. ¬†You pretend play with your babies and your favorite Ninja Turtle. I hear you talking to them like Mommy and Daddy talk to you. It’s so sweet. You love hide and seek (though your not really good at it!) you love artwork and coloring. The only downfall to this beautiful imagination of yours is that it’s causing you to have some really bad nightmares. You have become so afraid of the dark, and even more afraid of simply closing your eyes. Night time has become a battle and naps, I’ve given up. You won’t tell Mommy and Daddy what your afraid of, all you tell us is that you don’t want to close your eyes. We’ve tried everything. Sleepy spray, monster spray, talking about the shadows in the room, reading books about the dark, you name it we’ve tried it. Your such a good little girl, you lay in bed after we tuck you in and you play. You read your books, you change your babies and you fight those eyes closing as much as you possibly can. Most parents would say we are lucky you don’t get out of bed or cry however what we are faced with is your not getting the rest that you truly need. Some nights you don’t fall asleep until 9-930 and if you wake in the middle of the night it takes you hours to go back. You are getting sick a lot, you are cranky, easily frustrated and just plain testing the crap out of us! I thought the fours were going to be easier than the threes but so far NOPE!


On a happier note, you are learning so much. You are learning to write your letters, I’ve never been more proud. You color like a pro! When you do get good rest you are the sweetest little girl I’ve ever seen. Your new saying is “Mommy your my best friend.” or “Mommy I love you so much.” it truly melts my heart. That exact reason is why Mommy is so upset about you not sleeping. I see the difference. I see the sweet girl you can be when you get a lot of sleep and I see the little brat you can potentially be when your refuse sleep. I can tell by just looking at you in the morning if it’s going to be a good day or a tough day.

Learning Letters

We had a wonderful holiday together, you and your brother were spoiled rotten as usual. Now that the holidays are long since forgotten the Winter has been brutal to us. We’ve been hit with more snow than Mommy can remember. It’s forcing us to be inside a lot. We don’t have as many play dates due to sicknesses and snow! I’m trying to come up with creative ideas to keep you both busy. Yes I even brought the snow to you! I’m trying to hang in there sweet girl, Mommy would do anything for you but sometimes I just want to cry and take away these tough days. However at the end of the day when you ask for that extra hug and kiss good night…..I will NEVER say to no to that.


Dear Sweet Boy,

Motherhood QuoteOh so sweet yet so devilish! You’ll often hear me say that you were born to forever change me. I can’t stress that enough these days. Some say it’s a “boy” thing, whatever it is, I find it hilarious one minute and just plain exhausting the next. You are into EVERYTHING. I know kids your age generally don’t play with toys, I thought your sister didn’t, however now that I look back on it, she did really well with toys compared to you. Nope, you just want into draws, cabinets and anything and everything that is dangerous. We are baby proofed. However you make me doubt just how baby proof we are. You take every toy you can use (your rocking horse or music table) and push it up to every counter and get into anything on the counter. One day I walked out to the bathroom (can you believe that Mommy goes pee pee too!) and you were standing on top of the rocking horse holding a knife. AHHHHH!!!!!!!! You are just so curious and I love that about you, I really do, however Mommy is tired! I laugh sometimes because I’ll realize I haven’t sat down in hours. I used to eat lunch at the counter as I chased you around the house with food trying to get you to go and sit at the picnic table with your sister. However I said why am I doing this. I now put you back into the highchair that you’ve practically grown out of. You are not a sitter. I don’t think you ever will be. Believe it or not people say you are so much like your father but that……that not being able to sit, rest or relax, that’s your Mommy!

Winter times

You loved Christmas, you were really fun this year. You really don’t like the snow though. I think it’s your age, you won’t keep your gloves on so as soon as your hands get cold you immediately start crying and I have to take you in wrap you in a blanket and lay on the couch with you until your hands have been warmed through. You are the sweetest little boy I’ve ever seen. It started when you would just run over to me and lay your head on my lap. That was your way of hugging me. Now you reach out for me ALL the time. You are the biggest love bug I’ve ever seen. Very different than your sister, though she does love to be close and snuggle, you……you really show it. It’s my favorite part of your cute little personality. You are so strong willed. You push and push and push. It’s taken me awhile but Mommy is pushing back! I need to get laundry done, I need to get dinner on the table so yup…….Momma just ordered two new gates for the playroom!!! You love to watch me in the kitchen. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that about you. You are curious as to what I’m doing and sometimes you’ll sit in your highchair and just watch me! Oh what I’d give to have either of my babies become a chef! Though you are quite picky these days with your food my friend. My little man who would eat anything and everything under the sun. In due time I suppose!


Oh sweet babies of mine. I spend days wishing and waiting for these hard stages to pass, to move onto a more fun period with less challenges and more sleep. Then it dawns on me, that’s never going to happen. I’m trying so hard to live in the moment these days and treasure these times because someday you won’t be giving me snuggles and hugs or wanting my attention as much as you do today. You’ll ask me to get out of your room and you’ll beg me to not ask about your personal lives. Each stage brings on different challenges so thank you sweet angels for being so very patient with me as I learn how to do this Momma thing that some days I feel like I suck at. It’s amazing how one day I feel like I’m super Mom and the next I feel like the biggest failure to you both. However at the end of the day when you ask for another hug and kiss Boo and I can hear you “Muahing” from your crib little man…….I feel loved in a way that gives me the strength to take on another crazy day!

I love you my babies. You are my world.


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