Dear Madison & Drew – Spring Has Sprung

Dear Madison & Drew,

Hello my babies…….well Madison, your not quite the baby anymore. You are officially two and a half today! OMG! I’ve been going back on pictures a lot lately. You were such a chunky monkey. Gosh you were such a good baby. Each and everyday I see you grow inches I swear! Is it even possible for you to get more beautiful everyday? Yes it is my sweetheart. You are learning so much! One day while driving to school I said “Oh look at the yellow school bus!” You starting motioning with your arms and singing “The Wheels on the Bus go round and round….” I was instantly blown away. Instant tears to my eyes, yes I know it doesn’t take much for mommy to tear up these days. I’m proud what can I say! Unfortunately I thought we had already reached the terrible twos however you hadn’t……..but have now. Officially. Brutally. Yes you are there my love. Full blown out fits over every little “no” you  may get from me or anyone for that matter. You have a little attitude of your own that’s for sure 🙂 It’s so exhausting some days, I know it’s because Mommy’s is pregnant and I’m tired ALL the time. I put you to bed these days and I climb in bed two minutes later!! I know it’s a stage and we will get through it together but it’s tough. You have Daddy’s stubborn personality I think. If that’s the worst part of it, you did good then my love because all of Daddy’s traits are amazing.

Easter 2013

We celebrated Easter! We had fun, you had an Easter egg hunt outside, the family came over and we had a nice dinner.


You even sat on the Easter Bunny’s lap and had some photo’s taken!! You were so good! I think I got lucky.

Easter 2013-2

Mommy is getting all sad again knowing these are your last days as an only child. I don’t know why, poor Drew will never even get a day of that, and it’s not like I remember never being an only child since I was #2 in my family. I guess it’s just part of the process.

Spring has Sprung Maddie!! We ordered you a new swing set for the back yard. I can’t wait to see you playing on it, your going to absolutely love it! For now we are making trips to the park on nice days! You love love love the park. Actually you love love love the outdoors. All the time. I can’t keep you in and trying to explain to a two and a half year old that it’s raining and you can’t go out……..FORGET IT!


We are hoping the cold weather is gone for the season. Also hoping that all those sickies we’ve had all winter are gone right along with it. Nothing like opening the windows and feeling that fresh air blow in. Or the feel of the sunshine on my face when we are outside cooking on the grill. Oh speaking of, you are doing so much better with trying new foods! Momma is so happy!! You think every kind of meat is “Basaaaaaaa!” that’s Kielbasa by the way. Hey if you’ll eat Steak thinking it’s Kielbasa, I’m game!! You may not like everything you try but I’m so happy your at least trying things these days! You’ll just say “Momma, I don’t like it!” It’s really cute. Here you are not wanting your picture taken but  you ate a full plate of Vegetable Lasagna, you just proceeded to take out the veggies first!!!

I just can’t tell you enough how much I’m enjoying these last weeks with you. Well not on the days that I want to throw in the towel and cry myself to sleep of course, but the good always out number those days sweetie 😉 Someday you will see.

Drew, my little man!! You are quite the baby already! Right after dinner you start pounding and kicking me in every which way! I know your looking for Mommy to stretch out and give you some more room, most of the time I give in because being in bed laying down is where I am the most comfortable these days. I can’t thank you enough for changing my metabolism or whatever it is your doing because I still have only gained a few pounds……..which is all you my love!!

30 Weeks

Another thing you do that totally amazes me, and I know I’ve already said it before, but I’m going to say it again because I love it so much. You could be quiet as can be, sleeping even, daddy will come to bed or go off to work and talk to you, he puts his head right on my belly and talks to you………..and bam!! There you are! Even if it’s the slightest little kick or punch, maybe it’s a high five who knows!! I just know you ALWAYS respond and I think it’s amazing. When we found out that your sister was a baby girl, mommy was thrilled, having a “Daddy’s Little Girl” was something I’ve always wanted because I was so close to my Daddy. Something about how a little girl can get to her Dadddy’s heart that just melts me. When we found out about you……..I couldn’t have been happier because I can NOT WAIT to see your Daddy with a little boy. Daddy loves sports, loves working with his hands and well…….just getting dirty! Me…….not so much. So far  your sister loves all of those things too, but watching him do these things with you will just make me complete baby.


Nursery14FINALLY Momma started working on your nursery. One weekend while Memere had your sister I jumped on line, did some shopping and really started to have an idea of what I wanted in my mind. Now your furniture has arrived and I can’t wait to really see it come to life. What they say is true with your second, your so busy taking care of the first that your pregnancy just isn’t the same. It doesn’t mean I don’t think of you or what it will be like to hold you in my arms, it’s just different. So the past week or two I’ve really been able to do some things for you and it’s been so great. I still love our few hours in bed together alone before I go to sleep. It’s your most active time of the day, I lift my PJ’s and rest my book on my belly and I just read and watch. I think of what it will be like to hold you and watch you kick instead of kick me! I think about what kind of baby you are going to be. I think of what kind of Momma I’m going to be to a little boy. I think of how much love you are going to be born into because this family loves you already!!

OK my sweet babies, Mommy has to go………another month is behind, this time next month we will be just about into Summer and will only have a few more weeks left before Drew joins us!

All my love and so much more,


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