Dear Madison, Drew & Daddy

Dear Madison,

My sweet baby girl, I can’t even get over how much you’ve grown in a month!! I stare at the monitor at night while your sleeping and I can’t believe how big you’ve gotten. I listen to you throughout the day and I can’t believe how much you’ve learnt and how much your vocabulary has grown. (I can’t believe there was a day that I worried about your speech!!) Everyday you come out with something that has me in stitches, something that I can’t wait to share with Daddy or anyone else who will listen! Just the other day I took you for a walk and I told you to look up at the birdies, you pointed to the moon (though dim, it was visable) and you said “Look the Moon!!” I teared up! Blame it on the hormones I have running through my body as I carry your little brother, but I tear up over everything these days.

Maddie.Drew Week 24-25

We’ve had a lot going on as we have been getting settled into our new house. You are OFFICIALLY home my love!! Boy do you think you own this joint. Back and forth between our home and Nunny’s. Slamming doors, making yourself at home. You have your own little shelf at Nunny’s where you keep your crayons, crafts and books. You are getting settled into your playroom, even though playing with your toys to you consist of emptying a bucket on the floor and moving onto the next. We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and you had your friends over.

St. Patrick's Day 2013



We are getting ready to have our first family Holiday Dinner. We’ve already made Easter Eggs and Easter crafts! Though I battle keeping you busy these days, and you exhaust Mommy in a way I can’t even describe, I still love every minute of it. When your gone to school or visiting Memere I miss you every second, when your here having your tantrums and charging through the house like a hurricane I long for a day off…’s part of parenthood.


We’ve all had our battles with sicknesses this winter, the last one had you laying on Mommy for 48 hours and ended with a double ear infection 🙁 You are a little trooper though. Within 24 hours of having medicine you were off like a bullet! Daddy is still busy building TT’s apartment. Soon enough you’ll be able to have sleepovers at TT’s!! Speaking of Daddy, I hope you don’t mind that I take a little time to talk about him for a bit.

Dear Daddy,

You have proven yourself in each and every way possible that you are the best father for our children and the most caring and loving husband any woman could ever want. When I think back to the way we both were when we meet, I can’t help but get tears in my eyes because………well, we’ve come a long way! We’ve grown so much, we’ve learnt so much. Together. I never thought in a million years that I could fall in love with you more and more each and every day. I saw you become a father to our daughter and it’s been a challenging yet amazing ride, now I get to see you become a father to your Son and I can’t wait to see that day happen.

You’ve provided for us in a way that I always dreamed of. I see you give and give to others everyday and I love learning from you. I’ve learnt believe in myself more since being with you, I may not have a lot of confidence, but I’ve gained so much since having met you. You have recently welcomed my mother and my sister into our home and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. You work day and night and you still crawl into bed thinking of me and Madison at night. How can I thank you for that? I guess the only way I know how is to continue to raise our family in the best possible way that I know how to, with love and generosity, with an heavy heart and an open mind. I promise to make you proud sweetheart. It’s the least I can do in return for everything you’ve given me. A hand to hold, a hug when needed, a shoulder to cry on along with your heart of gold.Everyday is a challenge, everyday is a gift, everyday is exactly how I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Daddy & Maddie

Dear Drew,

I don’t have much to say to you this month LOL… are active and healthy. You are so good to mommy, well besides the fact that I keep getting sick and it seems to last so much longer for me than it does for Daddy or your sister. You have barley made me gain any weight and the worst thing I can complain about is being tired all the time. I don’t like to blame it all on you because a lot of that is your big sister! Daddy works 4-5 nights a week so I go to bed alone a lot these days. I used to hate it. Now I use it as my time with you my love. You kick, punch and move about. I rub my belly and I talk to you. You go to sleep and then Daddy comes in and talks to you and you wake right up!! You respond to him so much, it’s amazing!! I love it. Oh and if you could scale back on the heartburn at night that would be great too, I like to indulge in a snack at night and haven’t been able to because you keep me up until midnight if I do!! 🙂 Maybe that’s how your keeping my weight down so much!! Sneaky little boy! Here we are at 25 weeks my love. Three and a half more months and we get to meet you little guy.

22 Weeks (5)

Here we are with your big sister…….

Z Madison9

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  1. I sure hope this is all archived and someday when they are both teenages and hate you both, (and they will in their own way) you will both be geeks of coarse, they can look back and read these posts and maybe understand a little better why you both have rules they must follow, to stay safe, to learn to be responsible, and to grow into the wonderful adult, that I so obviously did something right with.

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