Dear Drew: The Moments I Never Thought I’d Miss

Dear Drew:

Just like that you went from toddler to little boy. I blinked. I woke up. I turned around for one second. Just like that. Your full cheeks were thinned out, your chunky legs grew into your body and you were off and running. After your Daddy and I decided our family was complete after you I really started to treasure each and every stage. I quickly realized that I spent all of your infant days just trying to get to know you. I spent days rocking, shushing and pleading with you because you were such a cranky guy. Come to find out you just liked being soothed differently than your big sister and you…well you….were always hungry! Before I knew it you were sitting up, reaching for things, dragging yourself around the room, standing up and bam…..walking.

I never thought I’d miss those cranky nights. The nights when you were up crying after each and every feeding, they turned into a blur, I never believed that those very nights would be one of the things I never thought I’d miss.

I became to really treasure those Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s with you during your first 12 months of life, your sister was in school and I got that one on one time with you that I longed for, guilt free because I always wanted to make sure I made time for your older sister when we were home together. The days just kept passing and passing. Then shortly after you turned one you started going to daycare two out of the three days your sister did so I could work from home. I then began to count down to our Friday alone together. Now come the Fall time you’ll be going three full days a week while your sister goes five full days and I’ll be writing more.  Though it’s my passion, though I’ve longed to do this for years, a part of me has an ache in my heart.

I will miss my Friday’s with you sweet boy. You won’t sit still in your carriage anymore so I already miss the jogs around the lake we would take each Friday morning. The music classes, the one on one time and playdates. I never believed how much that alone time with you meant to me. Those are the Moments I Never Thought I’d Miss

Dear Drew: The Moments I Never Thought I'd Miss

Introducing food to you was something I counted the days down for. I swore I was going to do it differently with you than I did with your sister. I was going to do baby-led weaning and not introduce baby food but wait for you to be ready to try solids. I never had so much fun watching you devour every little thing that I put in front of you, from spaghetti to avocados, if it was in front of you, you were eating it. I was so happy to see a little foodie in the family. Then you got older. Meat got shoved aside while we patiently waited for your teeth to come in. Days still go by before you even touch a vegetable.

I had no idea while I was enjoying you eating any little thing I offered you that one day I would actually miss it. I didn’t know that I would be in tears some nights because you would push your whole entire plate aside not wanting anything to do with it. I never thought I thought I’d miss the successful evenings of a full belly and the silly giggles we had over the way your face would look when you were finished. The Moments I Never Thought I’d Miss

Dear Drew: The Moments I Never Thought I'd Miss

One of my favorite stages of having a child is when you learn how to walk. There is just something about the wobbly little person you become. How you waddle your way around, the hope in your face as you reach a new destination. I’ll never forget the day you mastered walking. Just like that the wobbles were gone and you were a toddler. Then you began to run, I’d laugh because you would go so fast it was as if your little legs couldn’t catch up with you. The other day we were at the park with friends, you are the youngest of the five we were with and they all went running towards the playground. I kept calling behind you saying “Go Slow Drew, go slow.” All I could envision was you face planting right on the cement because you wanted to keep up with the big kids. Then it dawned on me. You mastered running.

See it’s the little things sweet boy. It’s moments like that when I realize your growing up too fast, the going up the stairs one foot at a time rather than using both feet to go up a set of stairs. The moment when I realized you don’t need my help putting socks on anymore or help bringing your plate to the counter. The Moments I Never Thought I’d Miss

Dear Drew: The Moments I Never Thought I'd Miss

I may just be growing wiser in my years kid. Three major incidents I mentioned above and FINALLY, finally I can say I know I’m going to miss this next one. Your words. You do and say everything your older sister says and I love every second of it. Your doing so well with talking, pronouncing and using your words to communicate with us. However, the words you still have not mastered yet. Now those I will truly miss my love. You love bridges. Every time we go over or under a bridge we get “Dridge!” You love TV I won’t lie. You also love lining up your trucks on the couches, yes there are times when you make me get up from the “chowch” so you can park your cars. Or the best of all.

I “ludge” you sweet boy. From the bottom of my heart I just “ludge” you.

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