Dear Drew – Stop Growing Little Man

Dear Drew,

I can’t believe how big you’ve gotten. Every day you grow, every day you change and every day I can hardly believe it. Your personality is coming out more and more these days. You are strong willed like your Daddy but your a little love bug like your Mommy. You love hugs and you are a happy little boy.

Dear Drew 12.2014.5

You have had a rough few months to start this Winter off. Ear infection after ear infection but the doctors say it’s because of your teething. So this week  you will be having tubes put in and your adenoids taken out. Momma is a wreck but I’m sure you will be just fine. I hope this helps you feel better because you are such a little love but when your not feeling well you don’t sleep well which means Mommy doesn’t sleep well which means we are all cranky! So here is to a happier and healthier holiday season for you my little man.

You are a smart little boy I can tell already. You like to see how things operate, just like your daddy. However your frustrations and your lack of patience, besides just being a normal little boy who is learning, is Mommy through and through. You get so upset when you can’t figure something out. You scream and cry. Your sister instigates you all the time. She gets you going and you love love love following in her footsteps. I love watching you copy her, even if it is somethings I don’t like, it still melts my heart that you copy every little thing she does these days. You seriously idolize her. I’m enjoying this so much because I know once you get older your not going to want anything to do with each other, so for now I love sitting back and watching you together.

Dear Drew 12.2014

Devil. Yes that you are my little one. You are a very different toddler than your sister was. You get into EVERYTHING. Some say it’s a boy thing, some say it’s the age, whatever it is, you keep me on my toes like you wouldn’t believe. You climb onto everything these days, I’ve walked into the room with you on Mommy’s laptop, you on top of the picnic bench, you climbing onto the breakfast bar. OMG you love mischief, and oh how I love you just the way you are my love. You look at me as your about to do something you know your not supposed to. I don’t underestimate you, you are smart! You even have a little devil look when your about to climb up onto something, but boy when you get to where your going, you are very proud of yourself!

Dear Drew 12.2014.4

When I walk into a room after not seeing you for a few hours you run to me! It’s the best feeling in the world. Actually you do it to everyone. You run to Nunney, TT, Daddy, Memere, everyone, you are just a love bug. That’s why I started calling you Bug. It’s the perfect nickname for you. You are loving school. The teachers adore. You walk in like you own the joint and it makes Mommy so happy to see you socialize with other little ones. Don’t worry we will stay busy this Winter with play dates and fun!

Dear Drew 12.2014.3

Food. Well you haven’t really been eating well lately. My little foodie has turned into a snacker just like your sister and father. No one is in my corner anymore sweet boy! Someone has to love food like me, not yucky snacks! I hope once all of your teeth are in you’ll start eating my food again. It breaks Mommy that I go out of my way to feed you healthy foods and you and your sister would rather have a popsicle or something out of a box 🙁 I won’t give up on you though…..I promise someday Mommy feeding you as healthy as I can will pay off!

Dear Drew 12.2014.2

The holidays are coming quicker than ever! You are going to be so much fun this year because you can actually rip open your gifts! I can’t wait to see you Christmas morning!

Now stop growing. I love you so very much my sweet little bug.



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