Dear Drew Mth 5 & 6

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Dear Drew,

Where do I begin little buddy. The time is flying and I don’t like it one bit. This is by far my favorite age. I remember it like it were yesterday with your big sister and now it’s your turn. To discover the world! You’ve realized that your hands are attached to you and that you have control over them! You’ve found your feet, you are now putting all of your toys in your mouth and my favorite of all time……your beginning to discover food! Yes food buddy!! I’m so excited for this next step my love. Before we talk about food let’s talk about the last few months.

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They’ve been tough I won’t lie, not because of you though, just because it’s Winter and your sister is a walking germ right about now and has brought home many many viruses to our home. Mommy brought you to the ER a few weeks ago where they told me you had RSV. It’s a virus that, well, it just sucks, it’s a really bad cold that sits in your chest and takes forever to go away. You kept coughing one night and had the hardest time catching your breath, I was so scared sweet boy. I wrapped you up and drove you to the ER as quickly as I could, I think one of the hardest things about parenting is sometimes Mommy or Daddy is left to do some of the crappiest jobs all alone. Someone had to stay home with your big sis and Daddy has to get up so early to go to work so off we went, oh and did I mention it was the start of a major snow storm too??!! The hospital was great, they had us in and out in a few hours and you had a breathing treatment too. We weren’t 5 minutes back on the road and you were out like a light. You then slept in Mommy’s room for a few more nights I was so scared for you. Daddy stayed home the next day and we all caught up on our sleep.

Dear Drew012314

2014-01-13 07.14.18You’ve been slowly recovering since, I’ll tell you though, it’s like starting over again, you just wanted to be snuggled and fed at all god hours of the night so of course we gave you whatever you needed, but once you got the OK thumbs up from the doctor that you were looking good and didn’t need to eat at night anymore you went back in your room and we’ve been trying to get you to sleep through the night again. Your a good boy hunny, your doing great! I can’t tell you how proud you make me already at almost 7 months old. Seven months, I can’t even believe it. Daddy and I are pretty certain that we are all done having babies so knowing this is my last time I’ll watch my baby discover things, do things for the first time, or even just whenever I think about it, I get tears in my eyes. I know I know, so why  not just have more, well………you’ll see someday 🙂 Your personality is amazing. You are laid back like your father and man oh man can you take a beating from your big sister! She loves you so much but she’s three, she’s rough! She makes you smile and giggle in a way no one else can, the way you look past me in the morning when I come to get you because you are just waiting for her to bust in the room! The way you turn your head on the changing table to the point where you almost roll off because you are waiting for Madison to climb up on her stool and talk to you. You just want to go go go like she does, you are going to crawl, walk and then run so quickly baby boy! I just want to keep you at this age forever!

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So Mommy is trying this method called Baby-Led Weaning. It’s when you skip over the puree’s and go right into solid food! I was determined to try something different with you because your big sister is so picky with food and barley eats anything. I don’t know who is having more fun with this, you or Mommy! You suck everything I put in front of you, that includes chicken too! You turn everything you eat into mush and you just swish it around your mouth and sometimes you swallow bits and sometimes you spit it out. The gagging is a little nerve racking but I’m getting used to it and you truly do love it! We love seeing you join in for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

First Food

We celebrated your first Christmas. You were sick but you made the best of it, you try so hard to not let all of these nasty germs get in your way of having fun baby! Here we are on Christmas Day. Look how handsome you are.

Christmas 2013 (23)

2014-01-03 12.35.49
Here you are with your cousin Mia, you are the same age and your Aunty Joyce and I are having a blast raising you together!

Babes 6 mths (8)

You are the chunkiest little thing! You are truly the love of our lives and you complete us in so many ways honey. Your going to make a great little brother, you will probably let your big sister boss you around, beat you up and probably even let her play dress up with you! Though she is quite the tomboy so she may challenge you to a hockey game and actually beat you 🙂

2013-12-09 12.50.46

Mommy is already thinking about your first birthday party, how sad is that. I feel like just yesterday I was waiting patiently for you to be born. My have our lives changed! Daddy and I find it impossible to have more than 30 minutes to talk these days, we know it’s part of the course but it’s tough at times to raise a family together and maintain a marriage based on 30 minutes of communication time. We will make do though, our relationship is strong and having you and your sister has only made us stronger. I can’t believe the next time I write to you we will be wrapping up the Winter (I hope) and getting ready for Spring!! Gosh we can’t wait, I can’t wait to see you at the camp, to see you take your first steps up there. To see you sit and play in the water with your big sister.

Until then my big boy. Mommy loves you with all of her heart and soul.

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  1. I just love these letters, Tammi! What a precious little boy you have. I wish I had thought to write letters for my two girls. As memories start to fade, you will treasure these even more in the years to come.

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