Dear Drew & Madison-Count down is on!

Dear Drew & Madison,

My sweet babies………two words into this letter and I’m already teary eyed! All of our lives are about to change…….for the better of course but Momma is the Momma and she knows there are going to be some hurdles first. My heart is still breaking at the thought of having to share my love and affection Madison. It’s all you’ve ever know. Mommy and Daddy’s attention, all of Nunny, TT and Memere’s attention. Soon you will be sharing that attention with your little brother.

I have no doubts that you will come to love him, I have not one doubt that things will work out and we will be a family with all the love in the world, Momma is just not good with change. Hey at least I’m being honest. I get comfortable with the way things are and bam………..something changes and I’m forced out of my comfort zone again. Trust me when I say I’m working my butt off to make sure you don’t see that side of me, so you don’t grow up with the same anxieties and fears that I have. Maybe it’s part of a Mother’s worry. I just want the very best for you, I want you to be everything you want to be, and because of that I put a lot of stress on myself.

Don’t worry I take a lot of time out for fun times too, it what life is all about. Stopping to smell the roses, stopping to share an extra smile, feeling that extra giggle arise. We slow down to share cuddle times together too. We break rules too! Here we are napping at 4pm in the afternoon! Have to be a rebel every now and again and break those rules!!


You are testing Mommy and Daddy more and more each and everyday MM!! I know it’s part of the course, all kids test their parents. Other than that you are such a good little girl. We go out to lunch all the time just you and Momma, You food shop with me and sit in the back of the cart making sure all of our fruits and vegetables are taken care of!


You love love love to help your Daddy. He is working so hard to finish TT’s apartment before Drew comes along. He has the house to maintain and us to make happy, he’s so good to us. We bought you your very first playground for the yard. You love being outside so much that we had to buy you one, When your great grandmother passed away a few years ago, you were only 7 months old, she was kind enough to leave us a little money and we held onto it so when we bought our first home we would be able to buy you this very play set!! Now lets hope Daddy gets it finished before the summer is over teeheee……… always want to help him when he’s working on it! Nothing makes me smile more than when I see you “working” with your Daddy!


We celebrated Momma’s Day this month 🙂 Daddy always spoils me…… he has you spoiling me too!! Your daycare always makes the nicest little art & craft projects…..they went way out for Mother’s Day, I was so blown away by the love that was put into this one.


We ended up going to Zorvino Vineyards, where Mommy and Daddy got married to have a nice brunch. Momma didn’t want to cook! It’s always nice to remember the day Daddy and I pledged our love to one another. The day when you were just a dream in our minds……it was such a nice day. I’m such a lucky Momma!! 🙂

Mother's Day

Dear Drew,

Oh sweet boy…….I can’t wait to meet you. Hold you, hug you, kiss you, just love you. You are slowly running out of room in Momma’s belly with only 5 weeks left!! I am more than uncomfortable but I want you to be born healthy and happy so we wait……and wait! We had some pictures done with you big sister. It’s a surprise for Father’s Day, I’m posting it anyways because we know Daddy is so busy these days he’s not reading any letters!! So I’ll post a few!


Here is my favorite……you big sister may have no clue what is about to happen, that you are coming very soon, that her whole world is about to change however……..I know she loves you. I feel it everyday.


Your room is getting their…….even if it is slowly. Momma get’s tired so quickly these days but all of your cloths are unpacked and ready for you, I’ve hung your curtains, Daddy has put together your dresser, I’m working on your window seat and hanging some more things and last but not least will be your crib 🙂 And now it’s the next day and the kitties have ripped down your curtains 🙁 Daddy will have to fix them now! Those kitties………..they are trouble!


I can’t believe the next time I write to you, you will be here with us. I’m so excited, happy, nervous, scared yet thrilled to welcome you into this world baby boy. We love you with all of our hearts.


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