Dear Drew – I Thank You for that

Dear Drew I Thank You For That.

We are gearing up for Winter buddy boy. I look at you and wonder where my baby went. I gather I’ll be doing this through out you and your sisters life, probably until the day I die. If it’s one thing I never thought about when becoming a parent it’s how FAST time goes by.

Your stubbornness infuriates me but your determination warms my body to the core. 

You are your father. One of the things I love most about your Daddy is his determination. In one breath I can roll my eyes when he always has to be right, but then I remind myself that it’s not always a bad thing. Seeing your Daddy never give up throughout our marriage, seeing him work so hard for everything we have just makes me want to be a better person. He makes me want try harder to accomplish my own dreams. Now I have a you, a mini version of Daddy. I can either continue to roll my eyes every time you insist on buckling yourself up in your carseat or I can embrace it knowing that someday you will have the same determination your father has. I thank you for that.

Dear Drew Thank You for that

Your exploratory ways drives me insane but your sense of adventure makes me want to change my ways. 

I think the way that your so curious about every little thing around you just truly inspires me. I think I have to remind myself at times that I can’t go through life getting frustrated every time you get into a little mischief. I’ve spent far too long moaning and growing at the “added” things in my day because you insist on exploring every little thing around you. I’m trying to embrace it now.  Momma usually doesn’t go outside of her comfort zone that often but you make me want to sweet boy. Nothing beats living through your children. Nothing completes my heart more than watching you conquer this thing we call life knowing that I could just learn a few things from you. I thank you for that.

Your need to climb, mischief and dump makes my eyes roll but your willingness to always want to help, try harder and reach further inspires me. 

Dear Drew I Thank You For That

Your a boy, your into everything and anything.  Your sister was a sit and play nice kind of kid. You, not so much. When I go and visit Nunney next door (for 5 min mind you) I have come back numerous times with you on top of the counter going through the snack cabinet. How did you get up their you ask? You went into my office (yes I forgot to lock the door yet again) and you dragged my office chair into the kitchen, and climbed on up to help yourself. Or how about the time when TT and I were out on the deck and you came bouncing out with a big fat butcher knife in hand! Yes you used that very same chair (yes I forgot to lock the door again!) and climbed up onto the counter where my knives are stored. Yes I still cringe when I hear the box of 847 legos hits the deck. What I’ve taken from this sweet boy is your eagerness to want to make an accomplishment for yourself. That go get em attitude (that is your father) you have already at the age of two. What makes me melt even more is seeing you comfort your older sister when she falls down or looses her Puppy. You are already a little gentleman. I thank you for that.

You were born to forever change me. I am forever changing with you and I want to thank god for giving me you.

I’ve been thinking of blessings a lot lately. What does it mean to truly feel blessed, I even find myself praying more, asking for strength on days I need it and thanking god more on the days when I know just how lucky I am. What does it mean to forever be changing? Parenthood will forever change anyone my sweet boy, I changed in a certain way when your sister was born, I became someone I didn’t love but nor did I hate her, I just changed. Then when you came along and I changed yet again. I didn’t love that Momma at first either but I’ll tell you in the short 2 years since we’ve been blessed with you, I’m learning to love in general in such a stronger way. I will always say that both of my sweet babies were born to forever change me, but you, you make Momma go outside her comfort zone. I thank you for that.

Dear Drew I Thank You For That

Your spitfire attitude makes me scream somedays but the sound of your little 3 word sentences now makes me smile and hug you tighter.

Watching you grow has become a love/hate relationship. I love seeing you become a little boy but knowing I don’t have a baby anymore makes me sad sometimes. I love hearing you put words together. How you form actual sentences that makes me do a double take. The other morning you came running around the corner after you heard me light the stove. You said “Momma whatchu making?” I damn near knocked you over with my hug. Usually you cry and pull at my shirt because you HATE waiting until whatever it is I’m making is finished. This morning was no different. You latched onto my leg with a big fat grin and stared up at me. I scooped you up and said come on buddy lets go sit in your chair it’s almost ready. I turned around in my tracks when you said two simple words. “I watch.” It’s not the first time I’ve cooked with you on my hip and I’ve learned to flip, stir and cook with my left hand because of it. I thank you for that.

“The way you whine for me after every fall and run to me when you don’t get your own way makes me think you’ll forever be a Momma’s boy but your sensitivity and the way you already show at the age of two how sweet and genuine you are makes me hug you every single time your arms embrace me.”

To say your a sensitive sally is to put it lightly. I worry that you’ll be the boy on the playground all of the other boys make fun of because if you fall you may cry. Then I remember how sweet you are every time you hug your sister when she falls, I remember that all I have to do is give you a sad face and you are running to me with open arms, I remember that each and every time I say I love you you reply with “yuv ooh too.” I From the moment I new we were having a boy I promised myself that I’d raise you to be a sweet boy. A kind hearted boy that will forever respect his mother and in return will some day forever respect his wife. I vowed that I’d teach you how to open a door for a girl because still to this day it’s such gestures that can someday make a woman love you even more. I swore up and down that I’d guide you to see that a marriage is a two way street and you have to work at it just as hard as your other half, that your other half deserves just as much happiness as you. I look at you somedays and realize that you will be that boy that goes to the other little boy on the playground that is being made fun to comfort him. You will be that sweet husband who kisses his wife on the forehead just because and you’ll be that guy that might just shed a few tears when someone hurts him. I believe it’s in your soul already sweet boy, I won’t have to teach you too much because it’s already who you are. I thank you for that.

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