Country Style Boneless Ribs

I know what fun is a boneless rib right? Well I’m not a fan of eating meat on a bone and this recipe is to die for so why not give it a shot. It’s the perfect summer BBQ dinner! I hadn’t put dinner together one night while we were on vacation up at our camp so since I had some ribs already defrosted I was able to whip this up in no time!!

What you’ll need:

1-2 lbs of country style boneless ribs
Pork Rub (McCorrmick has a great pork rub, we used one that I was sent from my Foodie Pen Pal)
1-2 Cups of your favorite BBQ sauce (I used Baby Ray’s BBQ)

What to do:

Cover ribs with Pork Rub and let sit in a plastic bag for at least a few hours up to a day.

Light a grill (you can also do this inside an oven as well.) leave on medium.

Lay the ribs on tinfoil and brush with BBQ sauce.

Cook turning every 5 minutes for 20-30 min. Put on as much BBQ sauce as you’d like.

For the last five minutes place the ribs on the grill to get that smokey yummy look to them.

Drool and Serve!

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