Cooking with Little Nibblers Cheese!

I have two recipes to share with you today that use a great new product called Little Nibblers. It’s cheese in a little snack bag! I use a lot of Crystal Farms products. Before I talk about Crystal Farms and what other products I use of theirs, let’s talk about these little bags of goodness! They come in 4 different kinds. Sour Cream & Onion, Habenaro, Chipotle Pepper and Smokey BBQ!! How yummy do those sound. I got them sent to me a few days before my husband and I left for our getaway weekend so I was able to bring a few with us to try while we drank wine and snacked on crackers and………….yup cheese!! We loved all of them, the Habenaro has quite the kick to it so be careful, even my husband was blown away and he likes a good kick! My favorite was by far the Chipotle Pepper one but BBQ came in a close second! What a great way to keep it portioned sized for a snack and I love that it’s loaded with protein!

So when I got home from our weekend away I had to think long and hard how I was going to do more than just snack with it, I wanted to cook with it!!!!! The first one came naturally to me, I was making mashed potatoes for a family dinner one night and it just came to me……..throw some Sour Cream & Onion cheese in it! It was perfect, just the amount to add a little flavor to the potatoes and it was the perfect measure too!

Sour Cream & Onion Potatoes Review (3)

Super easy and a great way to add some extra flavor to those potatoes! Just make your mashed potatoes as you do, everyone makes them different, I use a little margarine, and a little milk, whip then I added the whole bag of Sour Cream & Onion and and just mixed it up until it melted!

Sour Cream & Onion Potatoes Review (1)

Sour Cream & Onion Potatoes Review (2)

Now the next one, well this one didn’t come to me as fast but when I make my pizza at home I tend to try and jazz it up by adding “different” toppings each time, I get sick of just red pizza sauce. So I came up with this creation and it’s a MUST try and I’ll surly be making it again because it was awesome. I had some left over chicken seasoned with chipotle pepper ┬áthat I had made previously during the week so when I thought to put the chicken on the pizza, the cheese came into my mind!! I just happened to have ONE package of cheese left and it was the Chipotle Pepper!! How perfect! For the record the Smoky BBQ would go awesome with this one too! This one deserves it’s own recipe page. But here is what we ended up with!!

BBQ Chicken Pizza Review (2)

Aren’t they the cutest little bags! I did cut them up a little smaller for the pizza but they really didn’t need it.

BBQ Chicken Pizza Review (4)

Here is the end result, look at the ooey goey goodnesss of the cheese!

BBQ Chicken Pizza Review (6)

For the complete recipe head on over! BBQ Chipotle Chicken Pizza. I didn’t realize just how many products Crystal Farms produces. I did a few reviews for Simply Potato last year do you remember?? The Healthy Tater Tots for your little ones, well not mine because of course she wouldn’t eat them!! Well those are made by Crystal Farms! I had no idea! They have a whole section dedicated to just recipes, snack idea’s, and you can find out if they sell those little bags of cheese near you! Like them on Facebook to keep up with what’s new over there or contact them on Twitter!

Who doesn’t love cheese!

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