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Just because Halloween is officially over it doesn’t mean you can’t still use these adorable cookie cutters and other equipment Curious Chef has to offer. Last week my kids and I had a blast cooking with curious chef. Madison just turned five and though she doesn’t “love” being in the kitchen she is by far curious about it so that means it’s up to me to show her the way. Guide her to see why I love being in the kitchen. There is a reason why this Momma enjoys being in the kitchen and it’s not just about the end result of something yummy. It’s knowing exactly what my family is eating.

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I’m always looking for ways to get my kids to try something else. It can be so discouraging at times. For example, one night last week I asked my daughter what she wanted for dinner. I told her I’m sick of making mac N cheese, pizza, and pasta. She of course didn’t have an answer, outside of the three food groups I just named. So I decided to put all of their favorite things together. I made a pizza and on half of it I put scrambled eggs and cheese (at last breakfast pizza!) and I topped the other half with leftover mac N cheese and ham. I’m thinking how brilliant is this, so not healthy but made from me, that’s what matters most to me, that it doesn’t come from a box. Epic Fail. Well my daughter not happily ate two pieces of the pizza topped with mac N cheese. My son, picked the mac N cheese off of the pizza and that’s all he ate. I want to give up every other week, if I serve something like chicken and broccoli I get to cranky hungry kids and I can’t seem to make them go to bed hungry so I always make sure I serve something that they will like, even if it is pasta every night.

Fun with Curious Chef

When I received our Curious Chef project in the mail I went to work on figuring out what kind of cookie I was going to make. I am NOT a baker. I can’t seem to get any edible desert to come from my kitchen unless it’s a cupcake from the box. Barley. I was just about to reach out to a blogger friend of mine that bakes a lot when it dawned on me that I didn’t need to bake a cookie to enjoy this product. Madison actually likes to bake, she loves stirring the ingredients (and tasting it) however, I believe the true reason why she enjoys baking is because she likes the end result. Something sweet! I remembered these cute little pumpkin grilled cheese sandwiches I made for Madison years ago and remembered what a big hit they were! This time she was old enough to help which she was super happy to do. Drew wanted to help too but I let him sit at the counter and just snack on cheese so Madison and I could have some fun. Click here to buy now!

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There is really no recipe for these fun creatures. All you need are the cookie cutters and the spatula which was real easy for Madison to use. Form your grilled cheese sandwiches and then firmly press down on them and move it around on top of a cutting board. Even though they are plastic I was very surprised at how easy it cut through the bread and cheese. Madison loved taking off the extra part of the sandwich and she loved using the Nylon Cookie Turner to put them into the frying pan. You can use these cookie cutters for so much more than just cookies so you don’t have to be great at baking to take advantage of Cooking with Curious Chef. You can also check out the other Kiddo Approved Products from Curious Chef. They also have great Gift Sets so why not go and start your holiday shopping now! Follow them on Facebook and Twitter so you can be kept in the loop on new products or sales and don’t forget Pinterest for fun recipe inspiration!

Fun with Curious Chef

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