Bye Bye Winter Blues

I’m not going to lie, it’s been close to impossible to say Bye Bye Winter Blues for this Momma. I haven’t written in months because I have zero to write about. I’m always one to pull all the joy I possibly can out of any given day. I can take lemons and make lemonade half way through a crap day, but lately. I’ve struggled. I often say why do I live in New England when I seem to go through this each year. I loved the holiday season. Decorating, watching the kids get excited in a way they never have before, then the sickies rolled in. Half of our Christmas was cancelled due to other family members being sick and then my Mom had a 3 week stay in the hospital shortly after the new year. Then my family had a nasty sinus cold that landed this Momma laid up for weeks. The usual things that happen this time of year but I feel it gets worse and worse for me each year. I work out less, I eat more crappy food which in return makes my body hate me. I miss my daily runs where I can feel the sunshine on my face and the breeze of the water. The kids are stuck inside days upon days at a time. Yes, my son climbed the couch, hung from the curtains and then proceed to spill my cup of water over the other day. The tablets and iPads are becoming an every day way of living and I hate it but it’s the only way I stay sane, eat something or attempt to get something accomplished around the house. I miss the days of watching the kids run around outside laughing, giggling and actually getting along.

Bye Bye Winter Blues

People keep telling me over and over again, enjoy this time now, they grow so fast, I know this. I see this happening when my son wakes up one morning and his pajama bottoms are halfway up his calf. I look back on photos of my kids from just this past Summer and I see the changes in their sweet little faces. I get it. It flies by. However, why are there so many days where I count down until bed time, pour a glass of wine at 4pm and find myself hiding out in my bedroom just so I’m not jumped on, called on every five seconds or god forbid I go to the bathroom alone? How are we supposed to stop and smell the roses and embrace these moments when from December-April I feel like I’m going to loose my mind? These are the weeks when my husband begs me to get out. I go days without a shower because hanging out in my pajama pants where no one can see me and where I’m warm and comfy is way better than heading out to those icy snow covered roads to meet up with a friend for a glass of wine. I can have that said glass of wine at 4pm while I’m making dinner!

I walk my daughter to the bus stop just to get air, I sleep in on weekend mornings, I count down to movie night so we can all be under the blankets and succumb to the winter blues. Then I realize, I have to fight it. Imagine a superhero climbing out of a sewer drain with water continuously flowing down on her. One step at a time she climbs up the side of the wall gripping the handles while water flows down her face, she falls and she gets back up again. Yeah that’s me. So here is what I’ve proposed to get myself out of these Winter Blues. Some I’ve already arranged or accomplished and I’m climbing back up one step at a time. Hopefully these 6 tips will help you climb out too!

Workout. Make the 30 minutes. Go back to the Summer saying of saying “what workout am I going to do today?” not have the attitude of “If I have 30 minutes.” Make the 30 minutes. 

Bye Bye Winter Blues

Schedule play dates. Whether it’s sledding with the kids or going to a friends house, grab a coffee, some donuts and get the kids out. Talk to another Momma, most likely she is feeling the same as you are!

Grill outside. Clear a path of to the grill and throw some thing on it that you usually would if it were 80 degrees out! This has helped me a lot this Winter. Smelling and tasting the sweetness of Summer gives you hope that it’s right around the corner.

Bye Bye Winter Blues

GET OUT! Go grab a coffee and let your little one munch on a donut, go to Barnes and Nobles and buy a new book, there are always toys there or story time, your local library, my son LOVES our library, sign up for something because it makes you go. Our local library has crafts and activities.

Bye Bye Winter BluesPlan a night out for you. Whether it’s with a friend, to grocery shop alone or attend a wine night with a friend, getting out is getting out. Better yet host a party and have your friends over for wine and support a friend that may sell Pampered Chef, Arbonne skincare or Lula Roe clothing. 

Date Night. My husband and I had to go to a wake the other day and it’s sad we used it to get out after. Since my sister was baby sitting I asked for a few more hours so we could dine alone and catch up since it has been months since we’ve been out alone. Plan it! Make it happen. Put on some make up, high heels and who cares if your home by 8pm, at least you got to eat a hot dinner and didn’t have to put the kids to bed!

I could count how many days are left until Spring has officially sprang but I’m picky. I want SUMMER! I want hot days, early mornings sipping coffee on the deck, cocktails on the boat and hours and hours of swimming. Until then I’ll keep saying bye bye to the winter blues!

What do you do to starve off the winter blues?

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