9 Fall Crafts to Keep Your Kiddo’s Busy



I’m no longer in denial folks. Fall is upon us. The leaves are falling and I’m trying to embrace putting the flip flops away and slipping on my new fuzzy slippers. The other day my kids and I were playing a game of hide and seek and I felt I had a pretty good hiding place. Seconds went by, maybe even minutes, you see my kids are two and five, they find me fast and they don’t stay hidden because they are too busy giggling so when they hadn’t come running around the corner I went to the edge of the house and and saw them sitting in a pile of leaves. Easily side tracked by the beautiful new found discovery of leaves! My oldest was showing my youngest a few leaves and twirling them around in her fingers, yes he got the biggest kick out of this. After I captured the moment in my mind and running and diving into the pile of leaves with them I was left with the feeling of “Fall is here and we will soon be staying in doors more.”

We had a VERY busy Summer. Leaving the house once a day for play dates, beach trips or just visiting our family campground. I welcome some good ol’ fashion Fall crafts. I welcome some lazy days at home where we lounge in our PJ’s a little longer and pull out the construction paper and glue. I am looking forward to the Chili’s and Soups that will be made in the kitchen over the next few months.

I gathered some of my favorite crafts and wanted to share them with you incase you are looking for something fun (however easy) to keep your little ones busy this season. I can’t wait to do some of these with my kids. Happy Fall everyone!

Fall Tree Craft courtesy of I Heart Crafty Things
I love how you can recycle all of those puzzle pieces you keep but you know have missing pieces to them! Great idea.

Fall Crafts 7

Lego Stamped Indian Corn Craft courtesy of Crafty Morning
I don’t know about you but my five year old is obsessed with Lego’s so this would be fun!

Fall Craft 3

The Art & Science of Rubbing Leaves courtesy of Edventures with Kids
This will be fun because I can imagine the questions that would come from my 5 year old!

Fall Crafts

TP Roll Leaf Stamping Fall Tree courtesy of Crafty Morning

Fall Crafts 2

Paper Plate Apple Craft courtesy of I Heart Crafty Things
What child doesn’t LOVE to paint, this is a garage project for sure!

Fall Craft 6

Hand and Foot Prints Pumpkins courtesy of Parker’s Mommy
Great way to preserve those cute little fingers and toes while they are so little!

Fall Craft 4

Fall Trees courtesy of this Momma
We had so much fun making these, my 5 year old loves to glue however we found double sided tape worked better, it held better than the glue did.

Fall Craft 5

How to make a Thankful Tree courtesy of Our Goodwin Journey
I can’t wait to do this for the month of November, it’s a great way to teach your kids to be thankful for things.

Fall Crafts 8

Name Activities with Colorful Pumpkin Seeds courtesy of Fun-A-Day
This is perfect when kids are learning to spell their name! I don’t know about you but I must find fun ways to get my kiddo on board with learning.

Fall Craft 9

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