5 Creative Activities for LONG Winter Days

It’s mid winter where we live. In New England after the holidays are over I often wonder how I’m going to get through the rest of these long winter days with two kids. Up until about 2 weeks ago we lucked out with having barley any snow or bad storms. Then Winter hit. Hard. Today I’m sharing 5 Creative Activities for LONG Winter Days.

Here we are barley being able to make it out some days. One storm dropped off 33 inches of snow in one day. Yes you read that correctly. 33 inches folks. It was the first time since I’ve known my husband that his boss called and said his job site was closing down. For two days! We managed to keep the kids busy by playing games, taking them out to “shovel” and just being together. However when my husband went back to work my mind started reeling on things we could do to stay busy. We have the usual trips to the library, the mall, out to lunch or to a random Mommy group. However I needed some home ideas. I have a VERY active 19 month old and a 4 year old that has grown an imagination that makes me giggle somedays!

I was inspired by some facebook posts I saw going around from other mothers and how they brought snow into their homes to allow their kids to play and stay busy and……well warm! Drew is NOT liking the outdoors this Winter. It breaks my heart because Madison loves it, she may only last 30 minutes sometimes buy hey….I don’t last much longer than that so it’s a win win. So after I thought about the easiest way of doing this without bringing out the Type A Momma personality I have about messes and having to clean up less than I really I have to I came to this conclusion.


1. Dress, scoop and play! 

I dressed up the kids in their outdoor gear. Knowing that they wouldn’t last more than 15 minutes out there. It’s in the single digits here lately! However always keep in mind that it wears them out. Then the fresh air that gets in their system. Even if it is only ten minutes! Do it! So off we went with our buckets and shovels. Madison loved getting the snow ready. Drew not so much, but we let him whine off and on as we filled 4 buckets. Then we kept the buckets in the garage and undressed (come on that alone takes a good 10 minutes!) I put Madison in charge of taking two blankets and spreading them out on the living room floor. Then I grabbed measuring cups, small bowls and spoons. I sat them down and told them to wait for their snow surprise! I brought the buckets up from the garage and they went to town. All was well until Drew poured the whole bucket on himself. It lasted 30 minutes so yes all in all it was maybe an hour of activity but guess what?!! They both napped really well that day. I cleaned up, put the buckets out on the porch with another activity in mind for after nap time. I have 2 step stools my husband made, OK they were supposed to be used for something else but they turned into step stools for the kids. I put them in front of the sink, brought the buckets back in and bam! Another 30 minutes folks! It was actually one of the funnest days we’ve had in awhile! Momma put her Type A personality away for the day.

2. Bathe during the day! 

Sometimes when I’m desperate for something to do I throw the kids in the tub randomly at 2 pm. They love playing in the tub and who says bath time has to be before bed time? You’ll get a good hour in and secret is I clean the bathroom while they play! Score! Clean bathroom and clean kiddo’s!

fun! (1)

3. Bake and Cook with your kids!

Even if it’s during the day, get some things prepped for dinner by involving them in the kitchen. I’m not going to lie. I’m bad at this. I hate anyone in my kitchen when I’m doing anything. However sometimes I know I have to bite the bullet and just let them. I’ll hold my son while I stir, I’ll let my daughter “slice” things with her knife (it’s a cheese spreader she thinks it’s a knife) most of the time they really just want to see what I’m doing or be a part of something. Sometimes I can pop my youngest in his high chair and he will just sit there and watch. It makes me wonder if he will grow up to be a foodie like me. I didn’t really love being in the kitchen until Madison was 1 or 2 but Drew, he’s been seeing me bake, prepare and cook since he was born.

4. Pin, Pin and Pin some more! 

I get on Pinterest and search for activities to do for whatever time of the year it is. Christmas, Spring, Valentine’s Day, whatever it may be make use of that internet! Use people’s blogs to inspire you because we all blog for a reason. To help and inspire others! Here are some of my favorites

5. Dance!!

Last Christmas I got my daughter a personalized CD from CP Toys and now we have 8 songs that sing and dance with her name in each and every song. Even my son loves it, he will walk over to the CD player, turn it on and start dancing before the first song even starts. You don’t need a personalized CD, just throw on the music and start dancing, you’ll be surprised at how much your kids will follow your lead. Yes some mornings that CD player goes on at 9am!


2 thoughts on “5 Creative Activities for LONG Winter Days

  1. Thanks for this. What a lovely simple list! I like the way you can do all of these things at a moments’ notice, no planning or prep needed! I am on the hunt for a CD player for dancing action too. Somehow it seems more fun for kids to use a CD player than an iTunes list.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Marianne! Sometimes the simple activities are the most enjoyable! Check out CP Toys, Inc I got my daughter a CD that has her name in every single song! My kids love it!

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