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Parenting-Love/Hate Relationship

I think parenting is a love-hate relationship. I’ll admit it. It’s not all posies and roses. Giggles and good times. It’s just down right hard. It sometimes just down right sucks. Then you get the moments when it is just perfect and you love every second of it. For that one second. :)

I often wonder if having a boy is different than having a girl because I have one serious whine bucket of a child. Whines when things go wrong, whines when she can’t accomplish something, whines when she wants our attention, heck she whines when things are great! Then I get this smile……….and my world has become all worth it again.


I often wonder if the things I say “no” to are worth the fight. Worth the energy of trying to explain to a two year old that she can’t go outside with no coat on when it’s forty degrees out. Maybe I should let her go outside and freeze her ass off. Or how about when they just don’t get that dinner can’t be ready right then and there when they want it……maybe I should just give it to her then and let her eat it half cooked LOL……then I get this happy face when she digs in and my world has become worth it again.


I think of the meltdowns. The lay stiff little person she turns into when she has to hold my hand in a parking lot. The looks I get from others when they drive by because I don’t rip her up from the pavement, nope I do not. I let her lay there (don’t worry I don’t let her lay in front of cars). The meltdowns that happen when I don’t give her what she wants to eat, when she wants, how she wants. I rub my eyes and my temples as I write this…….it just exhausts me. Then I see this……….and my world has become worth it again.


I never thought in a million years that parenting would be love-hate. I love it one minute and hate it the next! I feel a sense of relief with just admitting that. I’m just so thankful that all of the bad moments are worth it. I’m blessed that the good always out number the bad, I’m happy that when my daughter runs up and hugs me or jumps on my lap, I’m a mommy to her and that is her love-love relationship with me.

What are some of your love-hate parts of motherhood? Share……vent.



Sausage Rolls

I found this recipe from a fellow blogger friend while exploring for game day snacks awhile back. Super easy and super yummy. My husband loved snacking on it during the football game and I loved it period! You can really make it anyway you’d like, like your very own pizza! I made mine with sausage and pepperoni’s! I even added a little bit of sauce and gave some to my hubby for dipping! I especially loved it because I like a “light sauce” on pizza!

Sausage Rolls (1)

Recipe Adapted From: Walking on Sunshine
Serves: 4 adult size appetizers

Ground Sausage, I buy the Jimmy Dean because they make the Turkey sausage that is 60% less fat and it’s already fully cooked!
Mozzarella Cheese
Pizza Dough, homemade or store bought (I bought Pillsbury Artisan Crust)
Pizza sauce
Sausage Rolls (2)
What to do:
Unroll your pizza dough, or make your pizza dough and roll it out to a large rectangle. Spread a little sauce over the dough, keep in mind you don’t want a lot because it will make a soggy mess, it’s all in the dipping! Add you toppings and of course top it off with the cheese.

Sausage Rolls (4)

Start rolling it carefully from one side to the other, tucking it as you go, don’t worry, the slower you go the better it’ll come out, I’m shocked at how perfect mine came out.

Sausage Rolls (5)

Grease a tube pan and carefully place the rolled pizza into the tube pan. Just go slow and you’ll be fine! Let it sit for 30-60 minutes to let it rise, I let mine sit for 30.

Sausage Rolls (6)

Preheat the oven to 400 and cook it until golden brown. I followed the directions that Pillsbury gave me on the pizza crust and just kept my eyes on it. Then you get this little roll of perfection!!

Sausage Rolls (8)

I sliced it and served nice and hot!! Pizza in a roll how can you go wrong!

Sausage Rolls (9)

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