I had 8 Glorious Minutes

I have a confession. I’m about to admit what I do sometimes to get 8 glorious minutes to myself upon leaving the house on a school day or when we are headed out for a playdate. Here is the usual shenanigans that aspire any given time we are headed out. Pack lunches and bags. Though a lot of it is packed the night before I’m still interrupted ten times at least when completing this task and then bringing them to the actual car. You know the drill, “Momma I need more juice”, “Momma can I bring my dinosaur?”, “Momma I have to go potty!” “Momma, Drew stinks like Poop!” “I’m still hungry!” “Wait Pup Pup needs a friend.” “Momma can you belt me in first.” Oh the list can go on and on but I’ll stop now.  Sometimes as a Momma we would do anything for a glorious minute never mind a whole eight. I was desperate. I longed for one minute of no fighting, one second of no screaming and for the love of god, breakfast! I get arguments over which clothes are being worn that day, I made toast when waffles were wanted, and O.M.G I gave my son the green cup and not the blue one! Can you imagine?

8 Glorious Minutes

I strapped them both into their respective seats and said “Oh Momma forgot her eggs!” Yes I eat two hard boiled eggs each morning and usually I’m eating them in the car while en route. I ran up the stairs, shut the door, which actually just made me realize how much that particular door can really block out sound. I ran into the kitchen, grabbed my eggs and started peeling them. Then I stopped. I took in the silence. I went to the bathroom, alone. I then decided to eat those very eggs standing at the counter while perusing through facebook, for fun! I checked the weather to see if I could squeeze in a run later that day. I looked into a new recipe on pinterest that I wanted to make later that evening for dinner. I may have been standing but I had 8 glorious minutes. In silence.

I walked back to the garage, got in and smiled at my kids. Sometimes when taking off for school I forget to smile at them. It’s sad but true. With the rushed mornings and arguments the smiles often get lost. My daughter said “Momma you forgot your breakfast.” I said “I already ate it, are we ready to go now sweet girl?” She just smiled and said yes. I had 8 glorious minutes to refresh, regroup and breath. Sometimes it’s all it takes. Making myself take a few moments here and there to regroup is one of my most useful tactics to get through a twelve hour day with two kids.

8 Glorious Minutes

I proceeded to give myself these minutes each time I snapped my kids into their carseats. Heck it’s getting warmer here where I live I won’t be able to do it for much longer so I mine as well take advantage while I can right? Wrong. All good things must come to an end. My oldest is going through some separation anxiety lately, we aren’t sure what the cause of it is or what exactly is going on but she’s been afraid that I’ll leave some place without her, that I won’t come pick her up at school one day, or when we are in public I need to be within ten feet of her. The other day while snacking on my eggs in silence I heard the footsteps and in she storms. “Momma, aren’t you coming?” Just like that, my glorious 8 minutes were over.

What do you do to get a few minutes to yourself to refresh or recharge? I need some new ideas obviously 😉