In Our House…


Our House

I was inspired to write our own “In Our House” list after reading the Hands Free Life book.  After I decided that this was one journey I was going to take I decided to continue with making activities, individual projects, and family projects that will help me walk this new road. The author of the book sent me a care package with the book, one of the best packages I ever received. In it was a framed poem. I didn’t know exactly where it came from or what it was until I read the book but what I did know was that I wanted to create a poem for our family and live by it. I want to use it as a daily reminder to everyone who lives in our home. I created this list with my family. My husband and five year old daughter was included, I just used my own words because well……Madison is five you can imagine the answers I got when I asked if we could make rules in the house and what they should be, rules that we must follow and live by. We will talk about these rules as my kids grow up.

Our House 3

In Our House there is always time for one more kiss, one more hug and one more I love you.

In Our House we will always always always speak of our feelings with respect and honesty and give each person a chance to do the same. Every voice deserves to be heard.

In Our House we always work together. As a FAMILY.

In Our House we love each other for who they are at all times, even when we make mistakes.

In Our House there is NO hitting, punching or kicking of any kind, we treat each other the way we want to be treated.

In Our House there is ALWAYS time to be silly. Whether we tickle to stop from having a possible argument, dance around like crazy people to cheer someone up, or make a funny face to make someone smile.

In Our House we start and end each day with a hug or kiss, preferably both.

In Our House there is ALWAYS time to help another person. Whether you need a kiss on a boo, an extra hug or a bandaid. Even if we are running late.

In Our House we never go to bed angry or sad. We talk to one another until we are all feeling whole again.

In Our House we talk with patience, understanding and guidance to everyone, no matter what.

In Our House we spend limited time connecting over technical devices and more time connecting with one another.

In Our House we all learn from each other. We must listen with our hearts and learn from our souls.

In Our House, we always think of peoples feelings before we act or speak out loud.

In Our House, we are given one free pass a day. For the children they are aloud to get out of bed once a night whether it be for an extra hug or to ask a question. For the adults, we are aloud one free pass to give an extra tuck in or additional story.

Our House 2